The elderly and municipalities are partners

Active Citizens Fund in Estonia supports the project “The elderly and the local government are partners” in the period October 2022-March 2024 in the amount of 62826.52 euros. the donor countries of the Fund are Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and the Fund’s programmes in Estonia are coordinated by the Open Estonia Fund.

The aim of the pr oject is age-friendly municipalities. The project will identify minicipalities that are interested and willing tp promote cooperation with representatives of seniors in order t omake municipality age-friendly.

Representatives of these municipalities and seniors will be consulted on their training needs . Training progeammes will be drawn up and training will be organized.

Through the project, senior’s representatives and municipalities will be directed towards closer cooperation for the creation of joint cooperation bodies or other forms of work. Based on the knowledge gained from the training, homework will be done to plan a suitable form of cooperation for this municipality.

The days of experience training then take place in one age-friendly prominent municipality and discuss what results someone has achieved. The project analyses the training programme and complements the experience and feedback received in order to further sell these training to the following interested municipalities and senior representatives.